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Security Training at Drupalcon Denver 2012

Once again we will be delivering security training at the upcoming Drupalcon. Along with dozens of other training offerings there will be Security: Process, Code & Hands-on Training.

This course will be co-taught by Erik Webb and Greg Knaddison.

Dave and Greg on Physical Security at Drupalcamp Austin

At Drupalcamp Austin I gave a training on Security in Drupal with a little help from friends and Acquia Training Partners Dave Reid and Larry Garfield.

Drupal Scout Security Training July 25th after Washington DC Drupalcamp

Ben and I are headed to Capital Camp. We hope to present and get to spend time with the great Drupal community in Washington DC. It's been nearly a year since Ben was there working with a security client and he presented about the Drupal Security Report at Stetsons.

Announcing: Drupal Scout

Howdy folks.

We are announcing our company launch here as we enter Drupalcon: Drupal Scout provides security consulting for Drupal sites.

About our site: design by Top Notch Themes

The Drupal Scout brand was created in 2011 primarily by Shenna Donnelly and Zlatko Najdenovski of Top Notch Themes. In addition to their popular Fusion Drupal Themes site where they sell premium templates they also offer design services. We've been admiring their design work for years so they were an obvious choice when it came time to design this new site.