Announcing: Drupal Scout

Howdy folks.

We are announcing our company launch here as we enter Drupalcon: Drupal Scout provides security consulting for Drupal sites.

Ben and I celebrating the release of the Drupal Security Report

We are not new to this field and we hope you recognize us. Ben Jeavons and I have been working in the field of security for Growing Venture Solutions. But it's been a little confusing for our customers. Growing Venture Solutions as a consultancy offered security reviews, conference and event websites , training and support. (For proof that it's confusing, see this keynote by Ben Finklea, at 28:46 in).

Why now?

We've been doing security reviews for customers for over a year now and in that time have developed more and more tools to help us complete them thoroughly and quickly. Some of those tools are automated. We decided to package up those automated tools at a low cost so others can benefit from those automated tools. We feel these tools are finally mature enough to be ready for more general use.

At the same time, we felt it was time for the Drupal world to have some strong options focused on providing application security services. As Drupal is used more and more on large installations and is trusted more and more for private data we need companies who can provide specialized services like a range of different security services.

We're more focused now: Ben and I are focusing on security via Drupal Scout while the rest of the GVS team are focusing on conference sites, training and support. We are still all working together and there's likely to be a good bit of crossover: Ben and I still need to know how to build sites in order to see what security mistakes people make and Ezra and Lisa are involved making sure our automated service and reports are useful and easy for non-security-geeks. This change lets us focus on what we all love doing and let our customers understand our services a little better.

The photo is from after Ben and I published the Drupal Security Report. A tradition at GVS is to celebrate a site launch with a beer and we enjoyed that one on the roof of our Denver office on Kalamath.