About our site: design by Top Notch Themes

The Drupal Scout brand was created in 2011 primarily by Shenna Donnelly and Zlatko Najdenovski of Top Notch Themes. In addition to their popular Fusion Drupal Themes site where they sell premium templates they also offer design services. We've been admiring their design work for years so they were an obvious choice when it came time to design this new site.

Brand & Design goal discussion

The TopNotchThemes folks took us through their standard process for new designs. They asked for the emotions we were trying to connote, some information about our target market, and any styles that felt right to us. Obviously for a security brand we wanted the site to convey a strong sense of professionalism, but we're also willing to joke a little every now and then so that's OK. We also both identify with Colorado and nature, so we wanted some natural elements to come through. We created a flickr photo gallery with images that had some elements we liked. We sent this over in their standard document and then had a call with Sheena. We also use IRC heavily and Sheena was willing to work with us their which was great.

We spent a good bit of time talking about what Scout means and what icons might represent Scout. A bird, and specifically an owl, seemed like a great fit. We also had the strong desire to use an Open Source font. We spend all day working with open source software, so it seemed silly if we didn't use open source design elements wherever possible.

Awesome design and branding for Drupal

Sheena explored several concepts for the owl. She looked at real life photos, videos, and came back to us with a few possible choices. She created color palettes and font treatment combinations for us to review and explore. We immediately threw out some of the ideas we thought we would love, and immediately began to like some of the experiments very much. I think the color palette stayed the same from the very beginning.

Then it was Zlatko's turn to take the brand and build a site design. We wanted the homepage to have our products front and center, and he definitely achieved that. The interior pages have special treatment around images that helps them stand out which is great for technical articles that have lots of screenshots.

We put it together into a site build/theme ourselves, having Carl do that portion, though certainly the TopNotchThemes folks can do that.